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Programs & Services

All of our programs are free of charge to the community and include first-class, wrap-around support services. 

Our hybrid model of offering services includes both in-person and online access.

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Personal Development

Reboot teaches participants how to shift their way of thinking by focusing on the fundamentals of self-awareness, goal achievement, social responsibility, and complete wellness. It also utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which has proven to be one of the most effective evidence-based practices to cope with anger, anxiety and depression, therefore reducing violent behavior and

substance abuse.

Rise Forward Logo Website.jpg
Parenting Program

This program covers the following topics: parenting skills, generational trauma, social media awareness, life skills, effective communication, financial literacy, and personal development. Our aim is to offer wrap-around support services for the whole family. 

Hybrid Leaders Official Small.png
Leadership Training

“Ignite your leadership journey”
(Timeless principles, innovative
strategies, skillset development

Surviving Trauma Logo Official Small PNG.png
Support Groups

“Together we can heal”
(Peer support, healing strategies,
stress management)

That Fit Life Logo Official Small.png
Fitness & Nutrition

“Practice healthy living”
(Exercise routines, nutrition,
preventative care, mindfulness

Tap_In-Logo Website.jpg
Apprenticeship Program

“Tap in & unlock your potential”
(Trade skills, career readiness,
job placement)

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