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Monthly Newsletter

It's a back to school season like we have never seen before, as the majority of California schools will be offering distance learning this fall. This is in response to the spike in COVID-19 cases this summer. With remote studying becoming our new reality comes additional stressors as parents are required to take on the teacher role in their children's education. Studies demonstrate that stress produces a hormone called cortisol, which in excess can trigger anxiety and depression, along with other unwanted side effects. With stress at an all time high, it is so important to focus on your wellness. The Exception is responding to the need by offering various resources to improve the wellness of the community. Most importantly, these resources are available virtually in the comfort of your home! Check out this month's wellness tips for stress reduction below, along with the top resources of the month. Also, please check out the “what's new” section to keep up with the latest updates happening at The Exception!



Wellness Tips

Distance learning is perhaps one of the greatest stressors this back to school season. Challenges arise when parents have minimal tech skills to support their children through the use of different applications. This month we explore helpful tips on how to mitigate the stress associated with back to school, distance learning, and COVID-19.


The Exception is in the business of changing lives! As we prepare for our Reboot launch September 15th, we are reminded of past victories and excited for the new testimonies that lie ahead. This back to school season, we want to celebrate this beautiful testimony of a youth participant Alyssa and learn about the impact Reboot had on her life.


Did you know that there are various resources in your community to aid students? This month we have handpicked the top resources to uplift and empower communities this back to school season. Make sure to share these valuable resources with friends and loved ones.
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We recently finished up our Reboot Remix which was a hit. Read more about what we learned and how it impacted the participants. Also check out what's next for The Exception with the next "Reboot" and "That Fit Life" programs starting this month.
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