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There is no question that Alyssa is a model student. Today we are glad to say that The Exception and our Reboot program played a part in that.. Alyssa had the opportunity to attend Reboot where seeds were planted to bring her success to fruition. 

Among various things, our Reboot for youth program taught Alyssa the importance of setting and achieving SMART goals. The importance of leadership, vision and creating a positive narrative were also taught to the youth by our passionate mentors. Although Alyssa was the youngest of all the girls in attendance, that did not intimidate her one bit. From beginning to end, Alyssa took in what was being taught. By the last session, Alyssa had her goals in order, one of which was to obtain a 4.0 GPA.

Following up with Alyssa a year later we found that Alyssa now has a 4.0 GPA, while juggling dance classes, rehearsals and competitions. Alyssa’s new goal is to get an A+ in all her classes to bring her GPA even higher. 

With Reboot, participants can tap into their full potential by learning how to navigate obstacles and keep focused on their personal vision. Like Alyssa, you too can reach your life’s goals and hearts desires! 

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